VR Pornstar: Mila Marx
DOB: 06 Aug 1996
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 154 cm - 5 feet and 1 inch
Weight: 50 kg - 110 lbs
Country: USA
Ethnicity: Latin
Measurements: 32C-30-36
Bio: Mila Marx is a 20 year old cutie who comes from San Francisco, CA. She is an open minded slut, because that city is a place where a lot of fun and sexy things happen. ItÂ’s the home of companies that make really kinky fetish porn, so it only makes sense that Mila would be the type of girl who would want to try anything and everything on her pornstar journey. Her astrological sign is a Leo which makes sense because she definitely loves to be in the spotlight. As soon as we turned the cameras on to her she kind of became a different person. In conversation she is confident but quiet. When the cocks come out and cameras turn on, she is a whole other story. Her eyes light up and she turns into a voracious sex goddess! She looks amazing in any porn movie, but especially in virtual reality. She has body measurements that are incredible at 32C-30-36 and it shows she has the perfect curves to drive any guy wild.

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Ms. Marx is a Latin babe that will make you drool and jizz at the same time. She has a sweet innocence but that all goes away as soon as there is a cock in front of her. She was so happy that she tried virtual reality porn that she bought herself an Oculus Rift afterwards so that she could watch her own porn scene. She said it was really trippy to basically have sex with herself, but she loved how realistic it seemed. Mila is a great girl who has served as a great example to porn starlets who are just starting out as to how fun it is to do VR porn, and now they all want to try!

Naughty Neighbors

VR Pornstars: Mila Marx
Duration: 17:49
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VR Pornstars: Mila Marx
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