VR Pornstar: Lexy Bandera
DOB: 18 Jun 1996
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 155 cm - 5 feet and 1 inch
Weight: 54 kg - 119 lbs
Country: USA
Ethnicity: Latin
Measurements: 34-28-36
Bio: Lexy Bandera is a hot Latina girl who has been starring in porn movies since just 2016. She’s a girl who has curves that could kill if you’re not prepared to look at them. She stands just 5 feet 1 inches tall but she packs a punch with beautiful 34C tits, a 28 inch waist and a juicy 36 inch booty. She clearly works hard to make sure that her body stays fit and ready for any guy to fuck. She is a southern girl from Corpus Christi, TX who does love a lot of things about the south. One thing she does not feel a connection to is the conservative southern values that tell girls they should keep their clothes on and their legs closed! Lexy is a girl who does what she wants and that includes getting fucked whenever she wants to, even if that means starring in a porn movie.

Lexy told us that she’s always been a little bit wild, when we met her to shoot for the first time. That’s why she wanted to try making some VR porn. It seemed even more wild and extreme than regular porn, and she knew that her fans would love to connect with her in such a strong way. She also loves being the center of attention, so virtual reality really appeals to her. This is because she knows that she is going to be the extreme focus of the movie. The guys who watch her in films like Hot Tamale on here get to see a side of Lexy that doesn’t quite come across in conventional porn movies. You see her as if she was really in the room with her, which actually turned her on even more when we were shooting the movie. She didn’t want to stop as she was imagining all the guys who were watching her as an audience right in front of her. This hot exhibitionist just couldn’t get enough.

Lexy really has all the right moves to make a virtual reality porn movie look awesome on any device including an Oculus, Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard. She loves being a part of a new porn movement and having that extra special interaction with her fans. She really wants to come back and shoot some more soon, so be on the lookout for new Lexy Bandera VR porn movies right here soon. She is an exhibitionist who just can’t stay away from an immersive porn experience like this one.

Hot Tamale

VR Pornstars: Lexy Bandera
Duration: 15:55
Description: This cute brown vixen is full on horny in the kitchen. She wants to cook and clean for you after she rubs and fucks her hot tamale. Get inside this 180 3D virtual world and let Lexi take you to Texas, USA.

Sorority Game Night

VR Pornstars: Anya Reis, Jamie Marleigh, Lexy Bandera
Duration: 17:58
Description: Watch Anya, Jamie and Lexy rush their sorority then rush into some hot lesbian fucking. You will feel like your playing with them when you watch this hot girl on girl on girl scene in true 3D virtual reality. This is virtual reality the way it was intended.