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Virtual Reality Adult Entertainment-Adding More Spices of Naughtiness

Posted on 22nd May 2019

It is undoubtedly true that the adult entertainment industry is excited about virtual reality. The ground-breaking technology of virtual reality takes the adult industry to a new level by providing a better medium, infinite potential and endless possibilities to forever change the way people takes pleasure and interact with adult films. Unlike watching on your regular flat screen, when you are fully immersed in virtual reality, the porn stars are there right in your face. It makes you feel like a reality and take your ight there in the VR porn stars.

How it Looks with 3D?

To watch naughtiness in-your-face, you will need some kind of VR viewer. Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift are highly recommended, and Samsung’s Gear VR will also work good- which means there the happy owners of Galaxy S7 out there can also take part in the extreme naughtiness. Alternatively, you can also enjoy the 360-degree videos through your browser, just by dragging the video screen around. And with VR porn growing like a wild fire, there are now video clips for many different tastes. You can have a sexual rollercoaster ride by engaging with super-heroines.

Free VR Smut

While we are already excited at the thought of VR porn, the fact a few websites have added a category in VR’s lifetime is very amazing. Until recently, the one and the only legitimate way to watch VR adult video was by paying for it, but now it can also be seen for free. Yes, you read it right! It’s a pretty good news, and it is one that has happened well before the virtual reality has taken its turn to enter mainstream consciousness. The whole thing is going to change over the coming year, and now we all know that just like many of our initial experiences on the Internet, a lot of people’s first VR experiences will be watching something real and rude.