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YouTube Begins Its Search for North American Channels for VR Creator Lab

Posted on 9th Aug 2019

Currently, various YouTube channels are taking help form VR experts for creating exceptional VR content by using the modern tools and techniques in both VR 180 and VR 360 degree category. This has allowed YouTube to increase the number of professional-level VR content which is being welcomed by the viewers like anything. By partnering with reputed organizations like Big Cat Rescue, NASA, Cartoon Connect and many others, YouTube has been able to successfully build a massive base of award-winning VR content in both 180 and 360 degree category which has leveled up the art of immersive filmmaking.

The VR content is growing at a very fast pace and most of the people who are ready to adopt new ways of video marketing are also trying VR videos. Although, most of the companies are not aware of making professional VR videos since it requires lots of skill and expertise but soon, services for making professional VR videos will widen and this will also add up to the already increasing base of VR content on the internet. YouTube is slowly becoming a hub of some of the most brilliant VR content since it is the largest video sharing platform and in order to capitalize on this latest technology, now many content creators are turning to professionals for learning the art of making exceptional VR videos.

Recently, VRscout turned to London for a special session where various YouTuber learned about the modern-day VR storytelling. The number of participants was very large and all of them were eager to learn this art. From award-winning documentary channel BBC Earth to celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver, many people and personalities joined this session.

In the month of September, VRscout turned to Los Angeles for a completely new group of North American based creators who were ready to learn about the amazing world of VR180 production. During this three-days camp, chosen participants will get in-depth training from a team of VR professionals at YouTube Space LA. This session will include hands-on workshops, funding, coaching and a versatile and expert community of immersive creators.

During a long period of three months, the group of people will make both original and experimental VR180 and behind the scenes video. VRscout will accompany these creators while providing assistance on every step. If you are looking forward to participate in this fun session then you must have a YouTube channel with at least 100,000 subscribers. Along with this, the participant should have zero current copyright and terms of services strikes. You also need to be at least 18 years old with access to a laptop and good internet connection for video conferencing.

If you don’t have 100,000 subscribers and still want to participate in the session then you can join the one day workshop which is allowed for YouTubers with minimum 10,000 subscribers. This one day workshop will take place just after the end of the three-day session. If you want to learn more about the session and production of VR 180 and 360 videos then you can go to the VR Creator Lab page of Youtube. You can apply for the 2019 YouTube VR Creator Lab till 6th August.

If you are looking forward to explore the world of VR and learn the art of VR production which will surely give you a competitive edge in the industry, then you should not miss this opportunistic session from YouTube itself. Soon, YouTube will be filled with a wide variety of VR content and being an early bird in this field will help you as a YouTuber for sure.

Most of the people thought that VR will take more time to expand but things turned just opposite of what most of the people perceived. From, gaming to education, from porn industry to entertainment, VR has spread its wing to many industries and has found 100% success rate at every filed. There is no denial in the fact that still, there are many improvements required in the VR technology but looking at the current pace of technological evolution, that day is not very far when we will witness the matured and completely developed form of VR.