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The Future of Virtual Reality Beyond Education and Video Games

Posted on 3rd Aug 2019

If you were active on the internet during the last summer then you must have seen how Pokemon Go become popular in such a short span of time and this popularity is the beginning of Augmented Reality becoming mainstream. The instant popularity and acceptance of Pokemon Go from the whole world show that the current era is totally ready for virtual reality and its evolving technologies. If people were so much excited about an Augmented Reality game which is only played on mobile, then imagine the level of excitement if people were able to visit a place where these characters live.

Virtual Reality is becoming mainstream at a very fast pace but if you are thinking that the future of the amazing virtual reality will only be limited to the VR headset then you are completely wrong. The future concept of Virtual Reality will completely change how we see and interact with rest of the world.

Visiting Virtual Places

You will be surprised to know that the future innovations or integrations of technologies in the field of virtual reality will take to those places which you have never visited before. Exploring a new place like you are actually visiting them; this is what the future of virtual reality holds for you. With the help of virtual reality, students will go on virtual industrial trips and even go back in time virtually to get their history lessons. Along with the educational possibilities, this ability to visit a whole place in the virtual reality will be used in other different industries like socializing, porn and much more.

More Than Just Visual Senses

As discussed above, the future of virtual reality will offer you more than a VR headset and a controller as it will become much more physical. Visual senses are the most basic concept of virtual reality and it has been its part right from the beginning but the experts are expecting that in the future, the concept of virtual reality to become more sensory oriented. The touch controls of virtual reality in the future will be improved and it will be better for all of our senses. Even the modern-day virtual reality videos are interactive in one way or another but still, it is not for our every sense. All the improvements in the field of virtual reality will make our experience more realistic and you might also enter into a world like in the movie Matrix but the only difference will be, instead of lying down on a table, you will be moving and responding in the same as you will do in the virtual world.

The acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook is itself a proof of how big this industry is going to be and how its implementation will widen. From education to gaming and then from gaming to porn, virtual reality is growing rapidly and soon, you might not be using video or audio for interacting with your friend sitting in Australia, as virtual reality will help you to meet your friend in a more realistic way which will be virtually amazing.

Many people are thinking that virtual reality and augmented reality have become very advanced and it’s because of the increasing popularity and implementation of these technological marvels but you should know that still, both these amazing technological innovations are still in their infant stage and it will take some time for AR and VR to become fully mature. Therefore, you should not consider this growing industry to become mainstream anytime soon. According to the experts, virtual reality will still take several years to become standard and there are various loopholes which need to be fixed and various improvements in this field which need to be implemented.

In addition to this, during the initial phase of the advanced virtual reality age, this technological marvel will be too expensive for the common people, but just like computers, one day it will become a new normal for most of the business and you will be able to see VR equipment in each and every house.