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Oculus Venues Now on Rift Along with New Updates

Posted on 26th Jul 2019

Oculus Rift has been dominating the VR headset industry since its introduction and this advanced VR headset company which was acquired by Facebook has really enjoyed the advantages of early bird in the industry and even with so many competitors entering in the market, it has maintained its leadership position through its new updates and introductions. Recently, Oculus announced the introduction of some new features on both Oculus Rift and Quest that will improve the tracking feature and will bring completely new social VR features to both the amazing platforms.

You should know that the exceptional Oculus Venue is now available on Oculus Quest as well. Venues will give you access to a wide range of amazing VR events like sport events, live concerts, and even comedy specials. The users of Oculus Quest will now be able to meet up with friends and family members in order to experience the new platform and even make new friends in the crowd. Many people don’t know that Oculus Venues is cross-compatible which allows you to hang out with all Oculus platforms.

The amazing Oculus Quest comes with tetherless and 6DOF which gives you the freedom of moving around while supporting your favorite team. The full hand presence will help to determine who is better at dabbing, you or your best friend.

In order to celebrate the arrival of Oculus Venues, Oculus will live broadcast Liverpool Football Club vs Sporting Clube de Portugal at Yankee Stadium July 24th along with animated performance of Tenacious D.

In addition to the Oculus Venues, another amazing platform of Oculus which is Oculus Quest will keep getting new updates and these new and regular updates will enhance the accuracy and performance of the Guardian System. There will be new updates in the unique feature of Quest to detect numerous playspace in different rooms and through this change; you will be able to jump from a solo session of Beat Staber to family game night in the backyard. You should know that the latest update will also allow you to build multiple Guardians Setups within the same room through which you can customize an open floor plan.

Updates in Oculus touch controllers

Along with the introduction of Venues in the Quest and new updates in the guardian system, there will be another big improvement in tracking algorithm which will be re-tuned for enhanced accuracy of both Oculus Quest and Rift S Touch controllers. This is one of the biggest updates which users have been waiting from so long because it will wipe out the tracking issues which mostly arise when hands come close to the VR headset which mainly a result of inside-out tracking technology.

Updates in Oculus Rift 

Since the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook, many new platforms have been launched in the same category but there were also many changed requested by users from Facebook regarding the various platform of Oculus Rift and one such request was the ability to turn on the true stereo-correct passthrough feature, Passthrough +, indefinitely in the Oculus Rift S. And now the new update will fulfill this request as well, thanks to the new setting which is accessible right from the Oculus Rift R Dash.

Another issue which most of the Oculus Rift S users are facing is the intermittent display issue like black screen or flashes. Well, there is no update for this issue yet but the team is working on it as well and soon this issue will also be addressed.

You should know that both Oculus Rift and Facebook are known for its innovative approach and after the acquisition; things have turned out quite good for both the VR industry and the VR headset users. The new updates announced by Oculus will enhance the VR experience of the users and allow them to access some of the latest VR technologies which will surely transform the VR industry. So, if you are an Oculus Rift user, then get ready for the updates as they will wipe out the issues and give you a better VR headset experience.

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