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Facebook VP Says Oculus Rift is Growing Quickly

Posted on 2nd Jul 2019

Since the acquisition of Oculus Rift, Facebook has been seeing constant rise in the use of VR headset which has turned the acquisition into another milestone for Facebook. After the release of 6DOF during May, there are many online e-commerce websites that are seeing shipping dates backed up to 2 to 3 weeks. Along with this, most of the reviews after the new release and after the acquisition seem to be very positive and that’s why everything is turning good for Facebook in the VR headset market.

But positive reviews and shipping dates being backed up are not the only good thing for Facebook as according to the Facebook vice president of AR and VR, the sales of CodeCon gone up to $ 5 million during its first two weeks of its launch. There has been no official report of sales from Facebook for this sale but going with what the vice president says and how things are turning for the VR industry, the number of sales achieved by CodeCon seems to be easily possible.

There has been no clear statement about the VR apps which is making this gigantic number of sales possible but titles such s Bit Saber, Superhot VR, Robo Recall: Unplugged are some of the biggest contributions for the content sales as they are the top sellers in the Oculus Quest Store. Along with these, some other top sellers are Vader Immortal: A Star War VR Story: Episode I and Wander.

By taking the numbers given by the vice president of VR and AR from Facebook, some of the analysts did some important calculation and found out that most of the Quest owners are more likely to purchase at least two VR titles per headset which will be around $50 per owner.

During an interview with the Facebook vice president of Special Gaming Strategies Jason Rubin, he said that the company has surpassed all the expectations of VR headset users as they have been able to provide reliable, economical and reasonable quality of VR headset and that’s how they have been able to see the growth in the market.

The Oculus content curation has been in a lot of criticism and has been called as an anti-consumer tactic but according to Rubin, it is always good to do the right thing for the consumers. He said that ‘but what is difficult to understand is that it is also important to do the right thing for the developers because according to data and analysis, Oculus Rift has been witnessing console like usage. The type of sales which is being seen in the Oculus Rift is similar to that of the sale of console’

He further added ‘This type of sales which is similar to console market shows that everything is going good for the company and the consumer’

The next big thing for Facebook regarding the Oculus Rift is this year’s Oculus Connect 6 which is going to be held in the month of September. All the 5 Oculus connect conferences have been amazing for Facebook as all of them have been successful along with the new and innovative introductions in the world of VR and AR. This year’s connect is being expected to give users something new in not only the VR series but also in the AR series. Every year, something new is introduced during the conference which is made successful by the presence of developers, content creators and VR lovers in a very large number. Chances of something new in the AR world are also strong because of the recruitment by Facebook in the AR team.

So, whether Facebook announces something new in the AR series or not, the market for VR will keep on growing for the company because of the way in which it is carrying this innovative technology. People are expecting to see something amazing in this year’s Oculus Connect and Facebook will also be looking forward to not disappoint their customers and tech lovers as innovation and uniqueness has been the pillars of success for Facebook.


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