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New Updates are Going to Arrive in the VR and AR Set of Oculus Rift

Posted on 29th Jun 2019

Technology keeps on evolving and it will continue to do so in the future as well. Just when people start thinking that this is the best form of a technology they have witnessed, it upgrades to another level. The very nature of technology is to keep on evolving in order to enhance its usage and implementation and one such technology which completely changed the world is VR which is mainly introduced through VR headset by the very famous company Oculus Rift which has now been acquired by Facebook itself.

The very popular company Oculus is now a part of Facebook and every year, an Oculus connect is organized by the Facebook team in order to update the world regarding the improvement of the various products under the Oculus brand. This is organized every yearly and each year, a huge number of people join the event in order to know about the updates in the virtual reality world as Facebook is known for its innovation and Oculus Rift is one of those companies which started a revolution in the virtual reality industry through its VR headset which was originally designed for gaming.

This year, the Oculus connect will be organized in the month of September and it is being expected that some new updates in both the VR and AR set of Oculus Rift will be announced in the event. According to the latest updates, the Oculus Connect event will be held on 25th and 26th of September at the Son Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. Through the event, new developers, content creators, and other VR fans will get to know about the latest updates in the VR world. The last year event was a huge success as OC5 got its new look and people also got to learn about the expressive Avatar Technology.

This year, it is being expected that new updates will be announced not only for the VR sets of Oculus Rift but also for the AR projects. The official website of Oculus Rift says that “The future we’ve all been working towards starts here. It’s our moment to think bigger, build smarter, and realize the true potential of what we’ve created together. This year, we hope you’ll join us to begin a new chapter of virtual and augmented reality.”

While this statement is being taken in different ways by technology freaks but one of the most common perceptions about this statement is the introduction of the long awaited AR glasses which will set the new beginning of a masterpiece technological advancement. The chances of new updates on AR glasses are high because last year, Facebook started hiring engineers who are expert in custom AR chips.

Along with the expected introduction of the AR set of products by Oculus Rift, there will be many new changes in the VR headset as well. One can expect a much better and improved version of the VR headset which people are currently using. Well, nobody is sure that whether these updates will be available for the already produced VR headset or will be brought along with new VR headset but the changes and modification will be introduced without any doubt.

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Till now, there have been 5 developers conferences organized by the Facebook team with the name of Oculus connect and all the 5 events have witnessed a huge number of developers and content creators. This year, it will be the 6th developer’s conference and there is no doubt about the success of this event as there will be many new revolutionary introductions in the VR world along with a new line of product in the form of VR headset.

So, if you are VR fan and looking forward to know about the latest developments in this field then you should not miss this year’s Oculus connect conference which is going to be organized at San Jose on September 25th and 26th. The conference is being considered very important for people connected to the VR world and that’s why as a technology freak, you shouldn’t miss it.

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