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How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Adult Entertainment Industry?

Posted on 20th Jun 2019

The adult entertainment industry has witnessed the drastic evolution which has affected the whole world and this evolution has allowed this amazing industry to become better and bigger. One of the best things about the adult entertainment industry is that it never goes down because people love to watch adult content, regardless of any external condition which can have a diverse effect on other industry. But along with the continuous growth of the adult entertainment industry, technology has played a very vast role in transforming this unique industry.

From low-quality limited adult content, the adult entertainment industry has now moved to Virtual Reality which is currently a hot topic. Virtual reality was first introduced for the gaming industry as it allowed the gamers to feel like they are actually in that game with a 360-degree view. But soon after the great success of Virtual reality in the gaming industry, it was introduced to the adult entertainment industry in the year 2016 and since then, it is growing with a lightning fast speed. If we look at the data provided by PornHub then we can say that Virtual Reality porn is the fastest growing industry.

The role of virtual reality in widening the adult entertainment industry

Virtual reality is the simple computer generated simulation of a three dimensional image or environment with which the user can interact in a seemingly real way by using special electronic equipment. The same concept of virtual reality was applied to the adult entertainment industry and the result was interactive virtual reality porn videos which completely changed how the porn industry functioned and performed.

Technology has played a very vital role in transforming the adult entertainment industry and mainstream technology like VCRs, DVD, streaming videos all have played their part in uplifting the adult industry but now it’s time for very advanced and latest technology like virtual reality to take the adult entertainment industry to another level.

You must be aware about the different categories of adult entertainment industry which is widening constantly but with the introduction of virtual reality, it will create a completely new segment for the big players of the adult entertainments industry and a new opportunity to target customers who want to experience adult content in a better and advanced way.

The range is very wide

Currently in order to experience the adult entertainment content through virtual reality, one has to just purchase a VR headset which ranges from high quality and costly Oculus Rift to low quality and cheap Google Cardboard. So, if one wants to experience virtual reality in a limited budget then he can easily do so. Due to the increasing popularity of the virtual reality based adult content, now there is a wide variety of such content to choose from. The first person videos of Virtual reality porn is shot in 180’ or 360’ stereoscopic videos and the viewer gets the amazing feeling of experiencing everything from the participant’s points of view. The viewer also has the leverage of focusing on what he/she wants.

New developments on the basis of virtual reality

The shift from the passive viewing experience to an interactive one has completely changed the game for the adult entertainment industry. And continuous development is being made in this specific area of the industry in order to make the experience more satisfying and pleasing. Currently, PronHub announced a new virtual reality based product which is being called as twerking butt. It is basically a simulated female posterior that comes along with an HMD and a companion mobile application. The main idea behind this unique approach of PornHub is to create an illusion of sex for the user.

Such type of development based on the unique concept of virtual reality shows that there are still a lot of opportunities in the Virtual reality for adult entertainment industry and even with so much of growth and increasing popularity, we can say that the very popular virtual reality is still in the infancy stage and it will take it a couple of years to grow according to the people’s expectation.

Technology has a massive effect on the society and sex has been a fundamental part of society from a very long time. So, a mix of technology and sex will have a double impact. Virtual reality pornstar will play a key role in transforming how people want to experience adult content and therefore, in the near future, we might see virtual reality porn becoming a new normal for most of the people and even for the adult entertainment industry.


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