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Oculus Quest’s Stock Clearance Sales is a Good Sign for VR Industry

Posted on 6th Jun 2019

Facebook-owned Oculus Quest, hit the retail stores on May 21st, and in just a week after launch, the VR headset was all sold out at many U.S retailers including, Walmart, Amazon and Newegg. It is needless to say that VR is finally grabbing on with consumers.  

So, what is all the hype about this VR headset? Well, the fact is- there are other devices such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the Oculus Go, all deliver an amazing VR experience, but neither of those devices could generate the excitement that the Oculus Quest has.

Whether it is a case of getting placed in the right place at the right time? Or it is because VR is easier to use and has become more affordable?

Users’ Choice

In the words of YouTuber Nathie, “the Quest shows the first glimpses of VR heading towards the tipping point of it going mainstream.” He beautifully expresses his opinion in this. Facebook’s standalone 6DOF headset Oculus Quest is coming up to be one of the first ever popular VR headsets among average consumers. This feature of Quest has let people abandon the unapproachable complexities of high-end PC VR in favor of a more sophisticated, more simplistic, but approachable experience.

A quick Facebook research will show you that multiple pages are dedicated to VR, AR, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and many other VR and AR devices. All of these are created by enthusiasts from all over the world, with several people posting their own stories of how VR is transforming their lives and the lives of their dear ones.

Experiences Revealed

Again, Dominguez, a carpenter from Hampton, who is a part of this amazing Facebook Oculus Quest group, shared the experience of a gentleman he knows who is wheelchair bound. The person shared his joy for experiencing VR for the very first time, wearing Dominguez’s Oculus Quest. The device gives a real-life feeling of watching adult movies or Interactive VR Porn Videos and the individual who watch through VR headset feels physically present in and around the scene.

He thanked Dominguez for introducing him to this exciting device. This is what the Quest is all about, that offer high quality VR experience to people and has changed the way people experience watching series and VR Porn movies. 

It’s Quest Time

This is undoubtedly true that 2019 is moving up to be one of the most important years for the VR industry. Businesses, as well as consumers, are realizing the potential and advancement made by the technology outside the gaming world, initiating a new age of hype, as it is obvious from the increasing sales trend.

As reported, if you are planning to purchase an Oculus Quest for better gaming or watching best VR porn movies, on sites such as Amazon, Walmart or Newegg, you are told that it could be a month before you a package delivered to your door.

For now, the entire VR industry seems to have scored a flourishing victory with the commercial success of the Oculus Quest. It may not be selling in huge numbers, but in comparison to the previous sales of other headsets, it is really making some big waves.

Again, time will tell if the Oculus Quest still continues to generate a huge wave of hype over the coming months, including the upcoming vacation or shopping season.