YouTube Begins Its Search for North American Channels for VR Creator Lab

Posted on 9th Aug 2019 04:49:08

Currently, various YouTube channels are taking help form VR experts for creating exceptional VR content by using the modern tools and techniques in both VR 180 and VR 360 degree category. This has allowed YouTube to increase the number of professional-level VR content which is being welcomed by the viewers like anything. By partnering with reputed organizations like Big Cat Rescue, NASA, Cartoon Connect and many others, YouTube has been able to successfully build a massive base of award-winning VR content in both 180 and 360 degree category which has leveled up the art of immersive filmmaking.

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The Future of Virtual Reality Beyond Education and Video Games

Posted on 3rd Aug 2019 07:43:15

If you were active on the internet during the last summer then you must have seen how Pokemon Go become popular in such a short span of time and this popularity is the beginning of Augmented Reality becoming mainstream. The instant popularity and acceptance of Pokemon Go from the whole world show that the current era is totally ready for virtual reality and its evolving technologies. If people were so much excited about an Augmented Reality game which is only played on mobile, then imagine the level of excitement if people were able to visit a place where these characters live.

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How the Interactive virtual reality porn videos became so famous?

Posted on 30th Jul 2019 08:21:24

Technology has played a very important role in transforming each and every field and our daily lives. It is because of the advancement of technology that we have been able to experience the future. In the modern-day world which is driven by technology, we can’t even imagine living a single day with technological solutions. Technology has changed every field and the porn industry is no exception to it.

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Oculus Venues Now on Rift Along with New Updates

Posted on 26th Jul 2019 06:35:40

Oculus Rift has been dominating the VR headset industry since its introduction and this advanced VR headset company which was acquired by Facebook has really enjoyed the advantages of early bird in the industry and even with so many competitors entering in the market, it has maintained its leadership position through its new updates and introductions. Recently, Oculus announced the introduction of some new features on both Oculus Rift and Quest that will improve the tracking feature and will bring completely new social VR features to both the amazing platforms.

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The Separate Ways of VR and AR Before Converging

Posted on 19th Jul 2019 14:13:06

AR and VR technologies are going to be the next big thing in technological innovation. The amazing concept of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been making big changes in various fields like gaming, pornography and both of these amazing technological marvels have been welcomed by people with open hands. Now, the experts from the AR/VR domain are saying that both AR and VR technologies are soon going to combine into one unique spatial computing solution. But Digi-Capital has predicted that mobile AR, smart glasses, and VR are going to be separated in the medium term from a commercial point of view.

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Facebook VP Says Oculus Rift is Growing Quickly

Posted on 2nd Jul 2019 14:57:12

Since the acquisition of Oculus Rift, Facebook has been seeing constant rise in the use of VR headset which has turned the acquisition into another milestone for Facebook. After the release of 6DOF during May, there are many online e-commerce websites that are seeing shipping dates backed up to 2 to 3 weeks. Along with this, most of the reviews after the new release and after the acquisition seem to be very positive and that’s why everything is turning good for Facebook in the VR headset market.

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New Updates are Going to Arrive in the VR and AR Set of Oculus Rift

Posted on 29th Jun 2019 05:23:55

Technology keeps on evolving and it will continue to do so in the future as well. Just when people start thinking that this is the best form of a technology they have witnessed, it upgrades to another level. The very nature of technology is to keep on evolving in order to enhance its usage and implementation and one such technology which completely changed the world is VR which is mainly introduced through VR headset by the very famous company Oculus Rift which has now been acquired by Facebook itself.

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How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Adult Entertainment Industry?

Posted on 20th Jun 2019 13:14:08

The adult entertainment industry has witnessed the drastic evolution which has affected the whole world and this evolution has allowed this amazing industry to become better and bigger. One of the best things about the adult entertainment industry is that it never goes down because people love to watch adult content, regardless of any external condition which can have a diverse effect on other industry. But along with the continuous growth of the adult entertainment industry, technology has played a very vast role in transforming this unique industry.

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The Real Boom of VR Porn- How it is Taking Off Now

Posted on 14th Jun 2019 13:54:27

Virtual reality is more than just gaming. When you wear the virtual reality headset, you take entry into another world. A user shared that he had been transported to Ukraine in the rooftop and found himself swimming and playing with whales in the underwater world. It has been said that dramatic films are real like with the monotonous parts are taken out. Indeed, with a headset, you aren’t actually watching, you’re participating.

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Oculus Quest’s Stock Clearance Sales is a Good Sign for VR Industry

Posted on 6th Jun 2019 13:00:45

Facebook-owned Oculus Quest, hit the retail stores on May 21st, and in just a week after launch, the VR headset was all sold out at many U.S retailers including, Walmart, Amazon and Newegg. It is needless to say that VR is finally grabbing on with consumers.  

So, what is all the hype about this VR headset? Well, the fact is- there are other devices such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the Oculus Go, all deliver an amazing VR experience, but neither of those devices could generate the excitement that the Oculus Quest has.

Whether it is a case of getting placed in the right place at the right time? Or it is because VR is easier to use and has become more affordable?

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Virtual Reality Pornstar Porn- How Realistic It is?

Posted on 23rd May 2019 13:38:25

You may have tried a lot of different virtual reality experiences- some are good, some are extraordinarily amazing, and some may be terrible. When you try Virtual Reality Pornstar Porn Videos, your imagination level will touch the sky. Or, rather you would actually be having VR sex.

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Virtual Reality Adult Entertainment-Adding More Spices of Naughtiness

Posted on 22nd May 2019 04:15:13

It is undoubtedly true that the adult entertainment industry is excited about virtual reality. The ground-breaking technology of virtual reality takes the adult industry to a new level by providing a better medium, infinite potential and endless possibilities to forever change the way people takes pleasure and interact with adult films. Unlike watching on your regular flat screen, when you are fully immersed in virtual reality, the porn stars are there right in your face. It makes you feel like a reality and take your ight there in the VR porn stars.

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What is so Amazing and Exclusive About 360 Degree VR Porn?

Posted on 6th May 2019 16:51:39

We often discuss many things about 360 VR Porn, yet one thing that has to be addressed is the economical aspect of 360-degree porn. Well, let’s face it, the headsets or the gadgets that are produced to watch virtual reality are highly expensive to develop. Also, the cost associated to create those videos are tremendously high. Therefore, it is unwise if someone chooses not to face the reality considering that the makers of 360-degree porn content will not want to be paid for the services at any point. Do you not want to get paid for your services? What it is true is making it worth the expense. has been the pioneer to make 360 VR Porn available to customers. While other websites focus on creating 180 degree videos. You might wonder where there is the difference between the two! The major difference with the porn videos in 360 degrees is that you can look at every angle- up, down and around while the action is being done; literally anywhere you want to look closely while you are involved in having physical intimacy with your favourite videos.

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The Truth About VR Porn- How it Affects Your Relationships?

Posted on 6th May 2019 16:50:59

Men will be men; they are known to have trouble to stop themselves from looking at other beautiful, hot and attractive women when they see one. This is absolutely true when they experience difficulties or any trouble with their relationships. Because then, they are screwed up at their partner and thus do not want to listen to anything you want to do with them. 

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